Why is Barbie popular so many years?

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Barbie dolls are already 62 years old, and over the last years of my interest in toys, everything has changed — Brother, Monster High, Ver scam high, and how many more I don’t know about, and Barbies have existed all the time in the ranks of the most popular dolls — really Over the years, of course, their designs have changed in relation to the requirements of modern fashion, but they still remain one of the most popular dolls.

Back in 1955, the founder of the company, Matteo Ruth Handler, thought about creating a doll that was not quite usual for that time. The idea was suggested by her daughter Barbara, who stopped being interested in dolls and began to dress up paper dolls. Ruth was not the first to notice that children play in adulthood, but she was indeed the first to notice that there are simply no “adult” dolls on the market.
It didn’t work out very well at first. They tried to make a doll out of the same paper, giving it volume. Then they switched to plastic. I liked this material more, but there were some design issues. But during a trip to Switzerland, Ruth saw the Lilly Bild doll, and taking it as a basis, she got an idea of ​​how to make a Barbie doll. To dress up the doll, they made it a very long neck and an extremely narrow waist. The doll was dressed up in a wedding dress to overcome the doubts of the parents. And in the first year, the company sold 300,000 copies.

The doll itself has been constantly evolving. Initially, Barbie was positioned quite clearly: it was a white young girl with the appearance and hairstyle of a classic beauty of the fifties, but already in 1961 the developers came up with her boyfriend Ken, then her friend Midge (1963) and her younger sister (1964) appeared.
And in 2016, the Barbie Fashionistas collection was created. This is a whole line of dolls of very different heights, skin color, complexion and character.
Now Barbies are represented in different professions and roles — there are doctors, housewives, nannies, and even fairies and mermaids, so each girl can choose her favorite doll. And in 2020, a new series was released — surprise dolls — The appearance of each doll remains a mystery until you open the set. The packaging is also very unusual for Barbie: it is a tall tube with surprises inside. Thus, Barbie dolls have finally entered the universal race for the popularity of surprise dolls. This toy has its own interesting features. The doll in the box is completely covered in pink paint. You do not know what kind of doll it is, how it will look. No face, no hair color, nothing! But as soon as we bathe the doll in warm water, the paint will wash off and we will see the real appearance of our doll.

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