Tips to buy sunglasses

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If you decided to buy new sunglasses, we note following points that you need to pay attention: 

* Choosing fashion accessories. We live in a time when things, even if they are of high quality, are purchased for one or two years and no more. Therefore, try to buy the most fashionable glasses and let their design cease to be relevant in a year — buy others.
* Choose what suits your style and appearance. Sunglasses, like hairstyle, clothes, shoes, etc., should adorn a person, if possible, hide certain physical disabilities. Therefore, think in advance about which accessory will suit your face type and elements of your wardrobe.
* UV protection. Protection should be, because in this case the eyes will be less tired. In order not to be mistaken in your choice, immediately buy accessories with polarized lenses. Such glasses not only block UV rays to a greater extent, but also do not allow their wearer to fade from glare.

High-quality sunglasses with UV 380 or UV 400, as well as with the right filter category, will help protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

Glass or plastic lenses . Many people who are scrupulous about the choice of glasses cannot decide what to give preference to — plastic or glass lenses. We must say right away that now high-quality plastic is no worse than glass. What’s more, quality plastic lenses are lighter and cheaper than real glass. Therefore, if the price of an accessory and the ease of use is a decisive factor, we give preference to plastic. Low-quality glasses with dark lenses without UV protection only block sunlight. This means that the pupils do not constrict, and ultraviolet light hits the retina directly. This UV exposure is harmful to your eyesight!

The lens filter category determines the degree of protection of the eyes from visible sunlight. There are five categories of sunglasses filters with different levels of light transmission:

  •  Category «0» — colorless or very weakly colored filter (light transmission 80-100%). Provides a minimum degree of protection, comfortable on cloudy days.
  •  Category «1» — medium-weak filter (light transmission 80-43%). Glasses with such lenses are suitable for inactive sun.
  •  Category “2” — universal filter (light transmission 43-18%). Such glasses are the most common and do well with bright sun.
  •  Category «3» — dark filter (light transmission 18-8%). Suitable for very bright sun and beach holidays.
  •  Category «4» — extreme dark filter (light transmission 8-3%). It is used in specialized glasses for climbers and tourists. Prohibited while driving.
    Sunglasses markings — where to look?

Quality sunglasses are specially marked on the temple with the model and size.
For some manufacturers, the labeling also includes information about the filter category. This allows you to quickly match glasses to your needs.

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