Choosing a backpack for the summer

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Summer is coming, which means that you need to revise your wardrobe and accessories, and look for new things. Recently, I prefer backpacks, well, in summer I want lighter and brighter shades. I prefer the medium size, so that it is convenient during training, both in the store and for a walk.

To buy such a useful thing, you need to clearly define the selection criteria:
* What, in what quantity and how often will I wear it? — choice of displacement.
* Will this model fit my laptop? — dimensions, internal structure.
* What additional departments do I need? — a sports model with a shoe compartment, an office model with an organizer compartment, etc.

 City models  usually have volume from 12 to 35 liters:

  •   12-15 liters. Women’s models, in which you can transport «ladies’ things» around the city by the type of cosmetic bag, comb, magazine, etc. Also fits a laptop, but with a diagonal of up to 13 inches.
  •  15-20 liters. Universal urban model. Suitable for laptops up to 14 inches. At the same time, books, work papers, personal belongings, etc. are easily placed in the backpack.
  •  20-35 liters. Volumetric urban models, which lovers of an active lifestyle cannot do without. In such a backpack you can put not only a laptop with a diagonal of up to 19 inches and personal belongings, but also a uniform for a gym, roller skates, etc.

A relatively new option in some models of city backpacks are pockets for gadgets and electronic devices. Previously, they were presented only with compartments for players, which were additionally equipped with a «output» for headphones. Today, in the era of wearable gadgets, city backpacks contain special pockets for tablets and smartphones.
The deep penetration of electronics into our everyday life has resulted in the appearance of batteries in city backpacks for recharging gadgets and other wearable devices. This is a pretty useful option for those who forget to charge their smartphone before leaving home. By supplementing the battery with a solar battery, a city dweller or traveler can not depend on power supply networks for a long time.
Pay attention to various useful little things in your future city backpack — they clearly illustrate the thoroughness of the manufacturer’s work, and can be very helpful in everyday life. They are not found in all models, and some of them can be considered unique features of specific backpack brands. Useful little things include a compartment for sunglasses (sometimes in the form of a hard case); anti-theft loops that block the zipper and prevent it from opening; hidden pockets or compartments; zipper sliders with holes for locks, etc.
An important issue for many users is the question of style. Fortunately, the industry today offers a wide range of backpacks to suit any form of clothing.

1. Adidas Unisex Classic 3S III backpack

2. Columbia Womens Zigzag 30l Backpack

3. Tommy Hilfiger Allie Flap Backpack 

4. Tommy Hilfiger Backpack for Women Julia

5. Tommy Hilfiger Blakely Backpack Nylon

6. Calvin Klein Womens Monogram Backpack

7. adidas Women’s Essentials Backpack, Green Tint/Black

8. GUESS Women’s Backpack

9. adidas Women’s YOLA 2 Backpack

10. PUMA Women’s Evercat Royale Backpack