Do you have a fitness tracker?

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My first fitness watch appeared with me  suddenly by  accident — when buying a new phone, you could additionally take a watch or headphones in the store for a promotion. I didn’t need headphones, and I didn’t want to leave without a gift either 🙂 So I got them
Although over time I started to like them, replacing my wristwatches Kors and Hilfiger (that is, I do wear them, but very rarely). Then after visiting the sauna (it turned out that they are waterproof, but the temperature did not work out) I had to buy a new watch, and I bought a fitness bracelet again (though from another manufacturer)
I thought for a long time — a fitness bracelet or a smart watch, but. revised all the parameters, and the watch needs to be charged daily (they are more massive, they certainly have more functions, therefore the battery does not last so long) at a time when my bracelet is discharged in 10 days. Then I recharged for an hour — and again 10 days of happiness 🙂
In addition to counting steps, calories, sleep mode, I just like the backlight of the screen — you walk at night and you don’t have to take your phone out of your bag to see the time — a classic watch without a backlight. Also on mine, you can change the theme on the display (my children like this function more — times and the clock are already different), watch the weather forecast, and most importantly — you can find the phone — I have a button for finding the device, when you click on which the phone starts beeping and it’s easier to find it (alas, you can’t find the keys like that, but thanks for that). Therefore, I am already uncomfortable when there is no clock on my hand. What watch do you prefer?

1. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Smart Band — I had previously 1st generation, thay have less functions as Mi Band , but are also very good , comfortable and compact

2. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Wristband — now I’m wearing them, they are perfect for their price. and 125mAh Battery is enough to charge them every 10 days 

3. Lintelek Fitness Tracker 

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) Rose Gold (Bluetooth)

6. PUMA Sport Smartwatch