Reasons to buy CHI

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Recent years CHI shampoos became most popular among women from all of the world. But also some another part of women has a doubt — are they worth their price? 

CHI is a unique combination of innovative technologies and the regenerating properties of natural silk obtained from the cocoon of a silkworm butterfly. The brand combines hair care products, hair nourishment and hydration systems, color protection, curl preservation, volumizing, styling products. A series of products have been developed for silk dyeing, lightening and hair transformation.

Founder of the brand Farouk Shami. Under his leadership, the American company Farouk Systems Inc. was born. Today the Company unites the brands it created: Biosilk, CHI, Sunglitz, Royal Treatment
All brands of Farouk Systems Inc use the maximum of plant extracts and the basis of products is natural silk. Silk gives hair a delightful shine and perfectly retains the amount of moisture the hair needs. Embedding at the molecular level into the structure of the hair, liquid silk restores it exactly in those areas where the structure has been damaged. Silk contains 17 of the 19 known amino acids and is the strongest and most important structural component for hair and cuticle fibers. It is thanks to silk that CHI cosmetics are able to work miracles with hair, making them healthy and strong. The general condition of the hair improves, its volume increases, the hair thickens, becomes obedient.
Today Farouk Systems Inc., USA is represented in more than 70 countries around the world.

The products of this brand have the following advantages:

  • The composition contains natural silk, the action of which is based on the identity of the amino acid of cosmetics and a natural substance in the hair. This makes the body more receptive to shampoo.
  • All components are safe and natural.
  • The composition of the products is constantly being improved and new technologies are being applied.
  • Cosmetics improve the structure of the hair and fill it with moisture.
  • High-quality home care is possible.
  • Shampoo has a stimulating effect on metabolic processes.
  • It also provides comprehensive care and revitalizes the scalp.
1. CHI Rosehip Repair & Shine Leave-In Tonic

2. CHI Infra Treatment

3. CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Leave-In Conditioner

4. CHI Infra Shampoo

5. CHI Argan Oil plus Moringa Oil Luxe Trio Kit

6. CHI Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze

7. CHI Argan plus Moringa Oil

8. CHI Keratin Silk Infusion

9. CHI Keratin K-Trix 5 Smoothing Treatment

10. CHI Keratin Mist

11. CHI Total Protect Defense Lotion

12. CHI Shine Infusion Hair shine spray

13. Chi Magnified Volume Shampoo, 12 Fl Oz