6 irreplaceable things in your kitchen

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For several years now I can’t imagine my kitchen without Joseph Joseph products, and yes — until I started buying myself, I didn’t understand — why everyone praises them? Naturally, they are not cheap, but we are shopaholics, and we do not buy everything at once, but we track the price and catch when it is good 🙂
The uniqueness of Joseph Joseph products is the combination of small size of products and their functionality. The company was founded in 2003 by two twin brothers Joseph — Richard and Anthony. Their ideas turned out to be close and understandable to representatives of many countries, cultures and mentalities.
The brothers noticed that many kitchen things could be improved and began to look for problems in the kitchen and try to solve them with the help of new design solutions — for example, if a spoon, which is interfering with the sauce, stains the table, it needs a weighting agent in the handle.

From what I personally have, I would like  to note :
1. Adjustable rolling pin with removable rings joseph Joseph. How to roll out dough of a specific thickness? With this wonderful rolling pin, everything will turn out easy and simple.

2. Scoop Colander Hole spoon, large, black — Ideal for straining and serving vegetables, pasta and fried foods.

3. Cutlery organizer — very compact and convenient — saves the place in the drawer, with cutlery icons for identification

4. My Favorite Bottle Opener — Compact Can Opener — how much I used to hate opening cans, and with this device everything will turn out easily and perfectly

5. Chop2Pot Foldable Plastic Cutting Board — Compact but very comfortable, Provides a strong, knife-friendly cutting surface shrinks, the sides of the board fold down to form a chute through which shredded food or waste can be gently guided.

6. And of course a set of containers — Very convenient, All containers are equipped with lockable, sealed lids.

7. Joseph Joseph 81031 GoEat Compact 2-in-1 Lunch Box

8. Joseph Joseph Nest Colanders Stackable Set

9. Helix Garlic Press

10. Joseph Joseph Elevate Nylon Ladle with Integrated Tool Rest

11. Joseph Joseph Handi-Grate 2-in-1 Grater & Slicer

12. Joseph Joseph BarWise Twist-Lock Wine Stoppers

13. CupboardStore Compact 3 Tier Shelf Organizer with Drawer

14. Joseph Joseph QuickSnap Ice Cube Tray with Cover 

15.  PowerGrip Kitchen Shears Scissors

16. Y-shaped Peeler

17. Measure Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons Set

18. Ice Cream Scoop

19. Joseph Joseph GoAvocado 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

20. Joseph Joseph Drawer Store Organizer Tray, Knife Block

21. Joseph Joseph Spiro Spiralizer