Interesting facts about Crayola

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Probably now we can’t find anyone, who didn’t buy Crayola products — they are perfect for children from their first painting attempts, and also indispensable for pupils and students. But we’d like to tell most interesting facts about our favorite crayons: 

  • Crayon labels were once hand applied. — Nowadays industrial machines are doing this job, but before such technology existed each label was hand-rolled onto crayon by the employers 
  • There are more than 100 Crayola crayon colors. — If we’ll count exactly there are around 120 shades. Of course, officially could be more, but special colors are sold in special limited editions. I like that each color is signed in every crayon 
  • Crayons have one of the most recognized scents in the nation. — the research  of Yale University shows that the smell of wax crayons is on 18th from 80 most popular American scents. Also there are special scented editions in Crayola, where each color has its scent, but personally I prefer to buy classical packs 
  • America’s favorite crayon color is blue — a pool of 25000 customers showed  that Americans are in love with the color blue. They like it so much that the top ten favorites included these six other shades of blue: cerulean, midnight blue, aquamarine, periwinkle, denim and blizzard blue. 
  • Crayon stubs are informally known as «leftolas.»  — yep, small crayons, which are hard to hold, have also their own name 
  • Big Blue is the world’s largest crayon. —  From around 123000 «leftolas.»  Was created the biggest crayon and it’s weight is around 1500 pounds and length is about 16 feet. 
  • The average child will go through hundreds of crayons in a decade. — by their 10 th birthday the average child wears down around 720 crayons 
  • The most famous and popular is 64 pack of crayons .. But personally I prefer to buy 24-pack — for me that amount is enough and the size is also perfect 
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