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More than 3 years more and more space in my wardrobe has been taken by Uniqlo clothing. Although not only in my wardrobe, we love the products of this company with the whole family. This Japanese brand conquers the hearts of new and emerging fashionistas. What is the secret of their success — simplicity, convenience and affordable prices — these are the «three pillars» on which the brand’s success stands.
In Japan, back in 1984, the first store was opened under the name Unique Clothing Warehouse in the very center of Hiroshima, which presents not only a men’s line, but also unisex clothes for women. Abbreviating the long name, they got the modern Uniqlo, which is translated from English as «unique clothing». At that time, clothes from other popular companies were also on sale. But soon Uniqlo’s catalog began to consist entirely of its own products — in 1997 the company, following The Gap, refused to sell products from other companies.
The popularity grew every year, in 2001 in Japan the number of stores had already exceeded 500. And then Uniqlo clothing entered the international market. Now UNIQLO is already available in 13 countries.
What are the main lines of the Uniqlo trademark, what is being produced at the moment. Uniqlo directory includes:
* Uniqlo U — the main line dedicated to the creation of casual wear for men and women, where there is everything for a basic wardrobe;
* HEATTECH — a line of clothing made using a special technology of the company and designed to warm the whole world;
* BLOCKTECH — a line with outerwear, where the main properties are wind protection, water resistance and breathability;
* AIRism — underwear made of ultra-fine fibers to minimize perspiration and absorption of unpleasant odors;
* UT Project — a line of production of T-shirts with original prints that are developed in collaboration with fashion designers.
The assortment of the store is huge, which lines should you pay attention to?
The AIRism line is positioned as a versatile underwear, some models of which can also be worn in everyday life under basic clothing. Features of the AIRism line:
* elastic fabric fits the body tightly without hindering movement. Feeling of «second skin»;
* quickly absorbs and evaporates excess moisture, allowing the skin to remain dry;
* ultra-fine fibers give a soft and smooth feeling;
* instantly neutralizes sweat secretion and absorbs unpleasant odors;
* cool underwear to the touch.
Personally, I can’t imagine any winter-autumn without Heattech clothes. Heattech is a special Japanese technology that allows you to keep warm while absorbing all moisture. Heattech fibers contain natural amino acids derived from milk, which make the material smooth and soft to the touch.
And, of course, do not forget about the Sale sections, they are available separately in the men’s collection and separately in the women’s and children’s collections. Prices there are even lower than usual. But every year it becomes more difficult to catch your size there 🙂

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