Sweetest Cry babies

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These cute baby dolls have not lost their popularity for the second year (or maybe more), and the manufacturer is releasing more and more new models. The manufacturer of the dolls is the Spanish company IMC toys, which specializes in interactive toys — in addition to Cry babies, you can also find Bloopies (dolls for bathing), Vip pets and other toys.
IMC Toys is an original combination of innovative technologies and traditions. Every year the company strives to supply new or improved products to the international market.
IMC Toys brings you unique toys that are fun to play and interact with. The Cry babies doll will be a good gift for babies and will bring unforgettable emotions!

What is the size of the dolls? They are quite large, the classic ones are 30 cm high, there are also mini versions.

Your children will also be able not only to play, but also to observe the life of little whims who know how to cry — after all, the company has created an animated series of the same name about babies. So girls and boys will better recognize the characters of babies, situations and events that happen to them and use this for the plots of the game. For example, one of the episodes talks about Christmas and the preparations for it, decorations and traditions. Children will get acquainted with such a holiday and will be able to find out what an Advent calendar is and how it is used, and then ask their parents in more detail and place such at home.
Together with mom and dad, you can watch other episodes about holidays, going to the doctor, outdoor activities or talent shows. All of these stories teach you to value friendship, do justice, remember your loved ones, focus on the positive, and support each other.
Cry babies dolls will not be boring — the products have a realistic design and large eyes. Before starting the game, you need to pour filtered water into a special reservoir on the back of the doll’s head. Parents can help their little ones cope with this task. This water is the tears of the crybaby Kray baby — they flow out of special holes on the baby doll’s face for 10 seconds. All dolls are made of safe plastic and textiles. They have a favorite accessory — a bright dummy to match the suit. Each Cry babies doll has an individual character.

1. CRY BABIES Tutti Frutti Ella The Strawberry
2. Cry Babies Tutti Frutti Mel The Watermelon Fruit Scented Baby Doll
3. Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House, 2 Pack

4. Cry Babies Tutti Frutti — Pia The Pineapple Fruit Scented Baby Doll

5. Cry Babies Baby Doll — Jassy The Pegasus