To shave or not to shave

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Of course, there is no single correct answer for this question, and everyone’s choice is right for him. But the higher the temperature outside, the more people remember this procedure because hair grows on our body continuously — this is a fact that cannot be avoided. And if you prefer to remove it, its better to do it regularly. The most popular methods of dealing with unwanted hair are shaving and hair removal. Treatments with wax, caramel (shugaring) and other thick pastes are painful epilation. Painless — laser and ultrasound.

It is convenient to take the razor with you and use it as needed. You don’t depend on salons and regular treatments, but you have to shave very often. In this case, itching, redness, hair ingrowth may occur. Epilation with wax and caramel is not suitable for those who cannot stand pain — the procedure is very unpleasant. And laser hair removal is not suitable if there are many moles on the body. In addition, the laser is the most expensive of all methods.

When removing body hair for the first time, most women choose to shave. Shaving means using a razor to remove hair from the surface of your skin. This is a relatively simple process that can be easily done at home. What are the disadvantages? Improper shaving can lead to cuts. And since you are removing surface hair, you will have to repeat the shaving procedure more often than after waxing. Some people think that shaving makes the hairs thicker and makes them grow faster, but clinical studies have shown that this is not true.

The effect of chemical depilators is that the composition gets on the hair, and the chemicals dissolve its protein base. This leads to the fact that the hairs begin to separate from the surface of the skin.With chemical depilation during the reaction of dissolving hairs, a very toxic substance is released — hydrogen sulfide, which has a bad effect on the skin. Therefore, despite the effectiveness and simplicity, it is better not to get involved in chemical depilation.

So it is important to choose the hair removal method that works best for you.

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