More sun please

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Now  we are almost ready for vacation — there are swimwear for the children, I will get my swimsuit this week, I still have to choose sunscreen. SPF factors oh how many .. And it seems like I want to tan, and naturally and not to get sunburned .. So which one do I need for vacation? .. or .. need a few types?

When  you are choosing a sunscreen, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors — the type and color of the skin, the climatic characteristics of the region, the presence of additional care components (moisturizing, sebum-regulating, matting, etc.) in the product. And excessive exposure to the sun without special protective equipment negatively affects the condition of the skin. Ultraviolet rays damage the epidermal barrier, cause dryness and flaking, and activate the aging process.

Choosing a cream, first of all, we are used to focusing on the SPF indicator — it is he who protects the skin from sunburn. SPF (or Sun Protection Factor) is a UV protection factor, and the higher the value, the more effective the protection. Sunscreens can help minimize the negative effects of UVA and UVB rays. Cosmetics with SPF, like a mirror, reflect the sun’s rays and prevent their destructive effects.

The degree of protection against UVB radiation, which provokes sunburn, is considered to be the numbers indicated next to the abbreviation SPF:
* SPF 10 blocks less than 90% of UVB rays;
* SPF 15 — 93%;
* SPF 30 — 97%;
* SPF 50 (+) — 98%;
* SPF 100 is filtered to 99%.

To choose a suitable sunscreen, first of all, determine your phototype, then what auxiliary functions the sunscreen should have: moisturizing, nourishing, mattifying the skin, etc.

There are 6 phototypes:
* 1 phototype (Celtic, albino) — very light skin (milky white, porcelain), high sensitivity to ultraviolet light: reacts to the sun with redness, rarely tans, often becomes covered with freckles. For this phototype, use products with SPF-50 +.
* 2 phototype (Nordic, Scandinavian, Aryan) — light ivory skin, often with freckles, often sunburn, rarely a slight tan. For this phototype, use products with SPF 30-50.
* 3 phototype (European) — slightly dark skin, practically does not burn, tan appears gradually and evenly. For this phototype, use products with SPF 20-15.
* 4 phototype (Mediterranean) — olive skin without freckles, burns minimally, tan lays down evenly and intensely. For this phototype, use products with SPF 15-10.
* 5 phototype (Indonesian) — dark or dark brown skin, rarely burns, tan appears in a rich dark shade. For this phototype, use products with SPF 10-5.
* 6 phototype (African) — very dark skin of a chocolate shade, low sensitivity to ultraviolet light: never burns, the tan is very dark. For this phototype, use products with SPF 5.

The time spent in the sun is also important: the longer you are going to sunbathe, the higher the SPF should be.

Sunscreens come in a variety of forms, and the most popular are:
1. Creams: oily, dense texture of beauty products ideal for dry skin.
2. Fluids: light, weightless, almost imperceptible on the face. The compositions will especially appeal to girls with an oily type of dermis.
3. Milk: formulas designed for face and body. They are easily distributed over the skin, quickly absorbed, and do not leave a “sticky” feeling.
4. Sprays: products, a convenient form of release of which allows you to provide protection from the sun, even for hard-to-reach places (back, shoulder blades).
5. Sticks: small-sized tools that can be carried even in a handbag, updating protection locally — as needed.

Regardless of the form of release, the product is recommended to be applied 20-30 minutes before going outside in several layers.

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