What’s your secret?

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Victoria’s Secret is an American brand of lingerie, swimwear, clothing, cosmetics and accessories, one of the most popular in the world and is beyond competition, since 40% of the world’s lingerie sales come from it. The company employs over 90,000 people.

The history of the popular brand began with the idea of ​​how to give men comfort in the world of lingerie. In the 1970s, a Stanford graduate named Roy Raymond chose lingerie as a gift for his beloved. He looked for a beautiful kit, but to no avail. At that time, women wore mostly inconspicuous cotton bras and panties, and lace and silk sets were kept for special occasions (weddings, honeymoons, etc.). Due to this, the choice in stores was limited. In addition, the saleswomen could do nothing to help (neither choose the size, nor serve without hesitation). As a result, Roy felt uncomfortable in the store and left empty-handed. But he had an idea how to make the purchase of women’s underwear comfortable for men.
In 1977, in San Francisco, Raymond opened the first beautiful lingerie store for women and called it Victoria’s Secret. The main distinguishing feature of the new brand is the combination of a wide range of products, friendly staff, high quality goods and level of service. The owner wanted women to wear not just bras and panties, but sets that would give the beautiful ladies confidence and femininity. That is, the goal of the brand was to make what was hidden under the clothes pleasing to the eye.

And he succeeded. Now in Victoria’s Secret you can find a huge selection of goods besides underwear: 


It’s not so simple with the swimwear collection — a few years ago the company announced that it was discontinuing the production of swimwear under its own brand. But two years later, the swimwear is back and it seems to me that it has become even better.

The company often organizes sales and you can buy your favorite products at more pleasant prices.

📌 Bras  https://bit.ly/3jnxmZU

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Launched in 2002, the internationally renowned womenswear and accessories brand introduces the Victoria’s Secret PINK, an alternative line of products, which immediately becomes a major player in the underdeveloped market for beautiful lingerie for teenagers and students. In new markets, Pink stores are pioneers, warming up consumers before the arrival of the “older” brand.


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