Which size is the best for you?

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Preparing for your vacation, it is important to choose your suitcase. There is no single ideal answer to this question — everyone will have their own. Therefore, let’s figure out what the sizes of suitcases are.

It is customary to divide suitcases into three main sizes: small, medium and, accordingly, large!
✅ Small — also called S, has a height of 20 «» (50.8 cm), which corresponds to a volume of 40-45 liters. This size S in its dimensions can be called a suitcase for hand luggage on an airplane! suitcase suitable for hand luggage should not exceed 115 centimeters in three dimensions, that is, height + width + depth!
✅ Medium-dignified M  is 24 «» tall (60.96cm), equates to a volume of approximately 65-70 liters — enough for 2 adults planning a small trip. Luggage is carried in the luggage compartment of any vehicle
✅ Large — the so-called  L , has a height of 28 «» (71.12 cm), volume in the region of 100 liters — Most of the Large models are equipped with 4 wheels that can withstand a load of up to 35 kg. This capacity is suitable for a family with two babies, but if there are more children, it is better to take 2 medium suitcases in order to avoid overweight during check-in.

Important note: the heights of these three dimensions in this case are described without taking into account the wheels! If we take the height of the suitcase from the floor to its upper edge, add about 3-4 cm (wheels) to the above dimensions. Thus, the total height of the suitcase is the sum of the height of the suitcase body + wheels (3-4cm), and the so-called «net» height is described above!

To choose the size of a convenient suitcase, you need to determine:
✅  spaciousness — the appearance of an accessory does not always show usable volume. This parameter depends on the design features, folding handle (external or built-in), compartment extenders;
✅  travel time — the farther the road, the more days you are going to spend outside the home, the more luggage is required. For weekend travel, buy models S (Mini, Extra Mini) or M (Midi). If you are going to leave for a month, take the XL (Maxi) size;
✅  the number of passengers — one large container or 2 small suitcases is required for things for several people. It is convenient to carry hand models on the plane;
✅  Frequency of travel — for a tour more than 2 times a month, accessories made of polycarbonate or strong plastic are required.
✅  The most suitable size of accessory is one that you can handle on your own, without assistance, and also meets the requirements of the carriers.

Choosing a children’s suitcase is even more responsible than choosing an adult. From the age of 6-8, the child is able to cope with an adult accessory of the «S» category. If the child is still small, but really wants to participate in the journey as a full-fledged tourist, it is worth buying for him a children’s model, which is different in size, design, maneuverability, and lightness. Children’s suitcases become highchairs and elements of the game.

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