School must haves

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Every year, in all online forums for moms, in all markets and in all stores in the country, you can see discussions about how to choose a backpack for school for your child. The study of this problem turned out to be more interesting than we thought — therefore, we are sure to share the information we have obtained with you.
The orthopedic back of a backpack should look rigid, with padding or full back padding for comfort. Ideally, there should be a soft roller at the bottom of the back, which will serve as a lumbar support, which will allow the load to be properly distributed over the back. The orthopedic back of the backpack should follow the natural curve of the spine. This is especially important during the active growth of a child, especially if he already has orthopedic problems.
But do not forget that such a back of a backpack will not solve all problems: at school, children carry them in their hands, sharply lift weights, and are in the same position for a long time. Therefore, it is important that the child has a full-fledged workplace at home, the correct regime and active activities during the day. An orthopedic back of a backpack is not a panacea for diseases of the spine, but with a competent approach to the health of a child, it becomes very useful. By the way, the handle on these backpacks is specially made inconvenient — so that the child can carry it on his back.
By the way, about the load: the recommended weight of a portfolio with textbooks is for children
6-8 years up to 2 kg;
9-13 years old up to 3 kg;
14 years up to 5 kg;
15-16 years old up to 6 kg.
What do orthopedic doctors say? All of them unanimously advise, if possible, parents to meet and accompany the child to school — to carry a school backpack themselves!
You should not buy an expensive knapsack with the expectation that the child will wear it for 3-4 years. The fashion for backpacks (especially backpacks with prints) is constantly changing, as well as the general tastes of children. Therefore, do not think that if a child liked a backpack in the 6th grade, he will willingly carry it in the 8th grade, this is not so.
The size of the backpack should correspond to the «size» of the child: the width and height should not exceed the width of the shoulders, the backpack should not hang below the waist.
The weight of an empty backpack should not be more than 1 kilogram, and a loaded backpack should not weigh more than 10% of the child’s weight.
Reflective elements on the backpacks of schoolchildren, whether they are first graders or high school students, should be! According to statistics, the use of reflectors, including on school bags, more than 6.5 times reduces the risk of a vehicle hitting a pedestrian. Therefore, be sure to check this item on the list when choosing a backpack for school.

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