You cannot have too much sandals

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Although the heat does not want to come this year, we all prepare a summer wardrobe and, of course, shoes in advance. Many women fell in love with sandals for their practicality, comfort and elegance. For several years in a row, sandals do not go out of fashion, but are only supplemented by new interesting models. Naturally, even in the heat, hoping to be in trend, many continue to wear sneakers, but I believe that each temperature should have its own shoes, at temperatures above 25 degrees, sandals are the best for our feet.

The entire model range of sandals can be divided into six main types: Romans, flip flops, evening, sports, men and children.

Romans are sandals that resemble their ancestors from Greece and Rome. The sandals consist of a flat sole and many strings. Ropes can be fabric or leather. Use ropes or straps to hold the sandals on your feet. The length of the ropes may vary.

Flip flops are open sandals. It stays on the leg thanks to the strap that runs between the thumb and middle toe. Best paired with beachwear. Many people don’t like flip flops because of the shoulder strap. (I also belong to these people, to be honest)

Evening sandals have heels or wedges and are decorated with rhinestones, flowers or embroidery. The heel can be of different heights and shapes. An interesting clasp or buckle serves as an additional decoration.

Modern sports sandals differ from ordinary sandals in their larger width of the strap — so the foot is better protected from damage. On some models, the heel is open and the foot is completely closed. The second fundamental difference is the thick sole — thanks to it, it is convenient to go hiking and go on picnics in sandals. Some manufacturers use an orthopedic insole in their shoes.

Men’s and children’s sandals are less extensive than women’s sandals. For men, sandals are presented in a classic form. A wide range of colors (black, brown and light shades) and a narrow range of models. For the office, the sandals have a closed heel and toe. 

The variety on the market allows you to find trendy sandals this year from any material and in any clolur.

1. adidas Women’s Adilette Sandal Slide

2. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Bennia Flat Sandal

3. Michael Kors August Flat Sandal Admiral/Pale Blue

4. Michael Kors August Flat Sandal Brown/Black

5. Calvin Klein Women’s Wedge Sandal

6. PUMA Women’s Platform Slide Sandal

7. PUMA Women’s Selena Gomez Cali Sandal

8. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Wedge Sandal

9. Michael Michael Kors Fiona Wedge

10. Melissa Women’s Color Pop Sandals