Buying a new pencil case

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After the end of the school year, there is an opportunity to analyze what you need to pay attention to in future purchases 🙂
For the second child, I bought the same Herlitz pencil case, which the elder successfully wore for two years to school, and the younger managed to destroy it in half a year. And now it is still enough time until September, you can start to start choosing a new one.
Pencil cases are divided into three types:
— The cosmetic case looks like a miniature purse. Roomy, lightweight and practical. As a rule, with one compartment. Allows you to quickly throw all the necessary items into it and, if necessary, instantly remove them. Advantages: simple design and light weight.
Pencil case-tube — a compact version in the form of a tube that allows you to store items in an upright position (the zipper is usually at the top of the product). Very convenient for storing pens, pencils, brushes and felt-tip pens.
Pencil case-book is a roomy «clamshell» with a dense body on the outside and a well-thought-out organizer inside. The design and construction features are created specifically for primary school students. In such a pencil case all the items necessary for classes are placed. The elastic holder holds them securely, so it is easy to keep order inside the pencil case.
And of course, when choosing a pencil case, it is advisable not to buy too bright, so that it does not distract the child from the lesson.
Pencil cases are sold in two configurations. It happens that the pencil case is already filled with all the necessary accessories, but most of the models are sold empty, so you can choose all the necessary items for the school yourself.
There are several types of pencil cases by material:
* Textiles. A practical and budget option. Pen marks, markers or pens can be wiped off. As a rule, inside fabric pencil cases are lined with oilcloth fabric.
* Laminated or metallized cardboard. Used in rigid cases. They retain their shape throughout the entire service life.
* Plastic. Cases, tubes and transformer pencil cases with pull-out compartments are made of such material. The plastic is lightweight, easy to wash, and sufficiently resistant to mechanical damage.
* Metal. Durable material, but makes a lot of noise when used.
* Wood is an environmentally friendly material that allows you to create a stylish design. But for kids this is not the best option due to the fact that such pencil cases are quite weighty.