Interesting facts about Columbia

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If I were asked to list my favorite brands, they would definitely include Columbia. Every year, more and more space on the shelf in the closet in our family is occupied by jackets, winter shoes, and I also really love the dresses of this manufacturer.

Columbia is now the outdoor clothing that can be found anywhere in the world. Especially in places with extremely low temperatures. Thanks to the idea of designers, clothes from Columbia should help out in any environment, wherever you go. But how did it all begin?

  • The company was founded by a Jewish family who emigrated to the United States and bought a company that used to sell hats and redesigned it to manufacture clothing for fishermen and hunters.
  • The name was chosen after the nearest river, Columbia.
  • In the 80s, they expanded the range of products and began to produce sports jackets in which you can survive any frost.
  • Columbia always releases its clothing in neutral colors. Usually these are olive, beige, brown shades. For urban models, more colors and prints were used to fit in with the urban design.
  • Columbia is now a world leader in quality clothing for active people.
  • he company has been at the top for over 70 years.
  • The company has dedicated testers who test products under the harshest conditions. And then they make a detailed report on how comfortable they were on the extreme expedition.

Today, this brand produces jackets, sweaters, winter boots, T-shirts, trousers and many other types of products; it has won the hearts of those around it for its versatility, convenience, practicality and excellent quality. Columbia is a great choice for professional athletes and travelers, as well as for conquerors of the concrete jungle.

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