H&M — children’s clothing for all occasions :)

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In 1947, in the Swedish city of Westeros, Erling Persson opened a women’s clothing store and named it Hennes (translated from Swedish for her). After 20 years, he acquired the Mauritz Widforss shop for hunters and fishermen. This is how the well-known H&M appeared, the name of which stands for Hennes & Mauritz. It is now the largest clothing retailer in Europe.

Find a dress for a holiday? Where to buy school uniforms? And swimming trunks in the pool? Socks? Not a problem — there is absolutely everything here.
Looking through my wardrobe, I noticed that in the last few years, the entire H&M clothing line is taking up more and more space in our children’s wardrobe. And there is an explanation for this: great colors, superior quality, and affordable price levels. The site constantly adds many new products, they are so beautiful that you want to buy everything at once
Similarly, in Sale you can often find interesting things, but the prices there are so sweet that you need to hurry and do not hesitate for a long time so as not to leave without a purchase. 

How to choose the right size? Alas, the indicated age of the child on the tag often does not coincide (yes, the children are all of different heights at the same age) — therefore it is better to focus on the child’s height, which is also indicated on the tag. For example, my child, at 8.5 years old, has already started wearing jeans in sizes 10-11. And the top still fits perfectly in size 8-10. 

The aim of the store is not just to create a place to shop, but to give the customer a “shopping experience”. A special architectural bureau, which is part of the H&M staff, is working on the interior design. They think over the design and lighting. All interior details are developed especially for stores so that you feel as comfortable as possible in the store and you have a desire to return here. 

1. Jersey dress

3. Trainers

4. Patterned jersey dress

5. Patterned jersey dress

6. 2-piece printed set

Cutest summer look 

tshirts £9.99 https://bit.ly/3mgjyjx

leggings £14,99  https://bit.ly/2PXuAOs

shoes  £9,99 https://bit.ly/31QWZIM

tshirts £9.99  https://bit.ly/3rSqggH

shorts £9,99  https://bit.ly/3sYoLyM  

cap  £7,99 https://bit.ly/3rVvFU6

sweatshirt £5,99 https://bit.ly/3mpTm5O

leggings £5,99 https://bit.ly/3dCzDfx

shoes £9,99 https://bit.ly/3cTVcJ7

cap  £7,99 https://bit.ly/3us982W

tshirt SPF50 £8,99 https://bit.ly/3uuANQK

плавки £5,99 https://bit.ly/2PDAm8a

cap  £7,99 https://bit.ly/2RcjGVN

tshirts SPF50 £17,99 https://bit.ly/2PHT2n7

swim trunks £12,99 https://bit.ly/39OSkvn