Which face massager do you have?

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The skin on the face is very delicate and requires constant and, most importantly, proper care. This is especially necessary with age, when it loses its elasticity, becomes more demanding, and the first wrinkles appear. In addition to cosmetics, special massagers are used for facial care.
Facial massage solves several problems.
* Improves blood circulation by saturating skin cells with oxygen.
* Accelerates the metabolism in the layers of the skin.
* Evens out skin color, thereby lightening age spots.
* Cleans pores and regulates the sebaceous glands, reduces inflammation and acne.
* Improves the tone of the muscles of the face, making it more expressive, reduces wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones.
Massagers are simple mechanical, ultrasonic and even microcurrent. They allow you to carry out procedures that are not inferior to salon ones.

✅ Mechanical
Their work is based on the principle of mechanical action on various layers of the skin. The impact can be of several types: pressure, rolling, tingling, vibration, or their various combinations.
These are, as a rule, hand massagers made of different materials: wood, silicone, glass, jade.

These massagers are used to combat age-related skin changes (wrinkles, loss of tone and sagging) and deep cleansing. Vacuum attachments are used to cleanse the skin of the face, which will help in the fight against deep impurities and blackheads. Therefore, in a sense, vacuum devices are more about cleaning. However, the vacuum device has a simultaneously stimulating, toning and anti-aging effect on the skin.

The work of ultrasonic masseurs is based on the effect of ultrasonic waves on the upper layers of the skin. Massage with such a device allows:
* cleanse the skin more thoroughly and more deeply from impurities, sebum, remove dead cells of the epidermis, narrow pores;
* maximize the penetration of nutrients from cosmetic preparations into the deep layers of the skin;
* prolong the effect of the procedure, creating a supply of nutrients in the layers of the skin.
Ultrasound, like vacuum, also cleans the skin. But besides this, during the procedures, its tone increases, irregularities are smoothed out and collagen is produced, which makes the skin denser and more elastic.

✅The principle of operation of the microcurrent massager is based on stimulating skin cells with electrical impulses of different intensities (depending on the problem). Microcurrent therapy using low-frequency currents:
* restores all layers of the skin;
* normalizes blood microcirculation and lymph flow;
* relaxes the facial muscles of the face;
* enhances lymph flow and blood supply;
* improves metabolic processes in skin cells.
Microcurrents also promote better penetration of cosmetics into the deep layers of the skin, stimulate metabolism and tone muscles.

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