Crest is the best

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For several years now, my family has been using Crest products, and we are all satisfied with their quality. Crest is a brand of toothpaste and other oral care products owned by Procter & Gamble and has been the best-selling brand in the United States for decades.
And despite the fact that in Russia, Germany, Serbia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, the paste is sold under the name Blend-A-Med, and in some European countries it is produced under the Oral-B brand ( that is, in fact, this is purely theoretically the same thing), I prefer to buy Crest.
The main task of all Crest toothpastes is to provide professional care, protection and freshness of breath, to give comfort and a beautiful smile. Reviews of independent dentists confirm that they effectively cope with their duties with the right choice and regular use. A stylish bright design, a soft tube and a convenient cap, economical consumption are invariable for each product. Unique formulas make it easy to deal with plaque, freshen breath for a long time, and delicately whiten enamel. Despite the exclusivity, they are traditional, but with a twist. The brand includes only those substances whose effectiveness has been proven empirically. Some products have a high concentration of calcium and fluoride to strengthen the enamel. Others are based on silica and natural enzymes that help lighten without degrading. Some of the most notable ones are based on quartz, which has healing and prophylactic properties. The assortment of these products pleasantly surprises with the variety, allowing you to buy Crest paste for both adults and children. Every year the brand releases new lines, introducing innovative developments.
The main series of Crest toothpastes:
* Gum Health — specially formulated after years of research by Crest scientists to help reverse early gum disease and related problems.
* Whitening is a whitening toothpaste developed using the latest technology that helps to restore natural whiteness.
* All-Around Protection — Provides powerful and versatile protection, works to strengthen and effectively fights bacteria.
* Sensitivity — salvation for sensitive teeth that require increased attention and careful care.
* Enamel — able to remineralize enamel for deep restoration.
* Clean + Freshen — responsible for perfect cleanliness and freshness, actively working to destroy pathogenic microbes that cause bad breath.
* Kids — takes into account the needs of modern children, combining attractive design, naturalness and safety.
1. Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste, Vibrant Peppermint, 3.9 Oz (Pack of 3)

2. Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips 20 Treatments + Crest 3D White 1 Hour Express Whitestrips 2 Treatments — Teeth Whitening Kit

3. Crest Charcoal 3D White Toothpaste, Whitening Therapy, with Tea Tree Oil, Refreshing Mint flavor, 4.1 oz, Pack of 3

4. Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection Toothpaste (children and toddlers 2+), Sparkle Fun, 4.6 Oz (Pack of 3)

5. Crest Kid’s Anti Cavity Alcohol Free Fluoride Rinse, Strawberry Rush, 16.9 fl oz. (Pack of 4)

6. Crest Fluoride Anticavity Toothpaste, Prevents Cavities Before They Start, Regular Paste, 8.2 Ounce (Pack of 5)

7. Crest Kids Toothbrush Sesame Street Soft (6 Pieces) Assorted Characters